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Super Convenient!

Just what this world needs!


Still have bugs to work out. Not accepting changes or charge info at checkout. Redone several times, including creating new acct., and still having issues.


I have to agree that this app is terrible. It's not intuitive at all. I'm in a parking garage and it's not able to locate me. It keeps giving me long term parking options for $15.00+! I ended up fining enough change to cover me for 1hr. So my CC better not be charged! I want to delete my account, I called but was on hold for 10 minutes, so I emailed them asking for my account to be deleted.


The app could not figure out that I was standing in a parking garage. Never could find a way to pay the parking. Lost revenue. Bad app.

Great App

Thanks for making my life easier with your app!

Easy to use!

Downloaded and used the app for the first run in DC for the Cherry Blossom Fest. I am an avid ParkMobile user and this app is just as convenient!

Awesome Reservations app!

I recommend everyone using this app!!!


I have $45 parknow credit. But they charged me on my credit card. I sent email few times, nothing response. I called them, they said parknow changed company? You can park without parknow app. Panda parking app is better than parknow app

Don't use.

I have used this app twice to reserve parking. Upon exit, I show my ticket and the QR code, but on both occasions the parking attendant did not know what ParkNow was. I had to pay twice for my supposedly reserved parking space.

Parking is reinvented!

Love the self check in/check out feature and that I can now plan my parking versus driving around looking for parking.

Great App

U should totally get it

Would not use again

Tried this app for the first time in Washington, D.C. Made a reservation, went to the parking garage, tried to use the QR code the app gave us with the code reader at the garage (no tenant in sight), got the response "access denied" and a 1-800 number. Called the number, no answer, left a message. Someone called us back and said the QR code cannot be scanned by a code reader, it MUST be scanned by a parking lot tenant. FAIL!!!!

I would give zero stars if possible.

The only thing about this app that worked was its ability to charge my credit card. I signed up online and paid for a parking space. Subsequently I was unable to login using a browser or the app. I could not print my proof of parking. $25 I hope to get a refund for ...

Total Scam!!!

Absolute failure!!!! Reservation #3149787 was a total waste of time! Address was to a location with 3 different parking garages, none would help me unless I knew which location the reservation was for. The receipt and app did not specify which lot to park at! I cant wait to chargeback the fee with my bank so you scammers get hit with a chargeback fee. Thanks for nothing... NEVER AGAIN!!!

Love this app

Saved me all kinds of $$ on the first use. Who knew you could park for $7 anywhere in the city! They did!

Love this app!

This app saved my life in the city. Great prices and amazing customer service.

Great app for the SF driver

I've been using ParkNow for some time, and I love the new release. I hate hunting for parking around Union Square, and have found ParkNow to be a great solution. I also appreciate the discounts which they offer at garages around the city. Great app, all around.

New Self Serve feature is great

Love it

Money Saver

Awesome app! I am able to save $15 per day by using this!


ONLY qualm Is that it doesn't exist everywhere you could possibly park across the world :) Love this app it has worked as a charm in the city. I hate parking in the city so i love that this takes out the uncertainly of finding an available space and having to guess how much the garage is going to charge-- ParkNow tells you all u need to know in an easy interface. Also their support is great! Asked them a question via their FB group and got a reply via email the same day, and even tweeted them once and got instantaneous feedback. They truly care and it shows. Can't wait til they expand to more cities (cough cough LA pretty please!!!)

So good!

There are about 40 or more locations you can choose from, and it's great to know that I'm not only getting the best prices in the area but also knowing that I don't have to worry about finding parking when I'm in SF. The qr codes always worked for me as well! Hopefully they will add more locations in the lower part of SF soon too! Such a great idea!!


Was in SF on business. Had a rental car and need to make a bunch of customer calls. Downloaded ParkNow app and paid about 1/3 of what I would have normally for the week's parking. When will you be in NYC? Can't Wait!


This app is super chill and convenient!

The Uber of Parking

Fantastic tool. Always coming up with new locations around the Bay Area. Great deals around the city for Early Bird rates & Giants games! Never again will I be circling the block looking for parking! Thanks, ParkNow!

Social Media Director

Love this app! Thank you ParkNow!

Great UI

easy to navigate and find a place to park. Prices are competitive. And best of all your spot is guaranteed.


This is amazing! I dont even live in SF and I am OBSESSED with it. If you don't get this app than shame on YOU!

Parking made easy!

Finding parking in San Francisco is ugly at times. This app takes the "find" out of parking. Instead of dropping your friends and then circling for 20 minutes, the park now app allows you to buy your space BEFORE leaving your house. And the rates here are always lower than the rate at the lot you park in. Yep,The Park Now App is highly recommended. It will save you time and money.


Fantastic tool


Intuitively easy. Essential tool for life in and around SF. This is a must have app.

Account Coordinator at Sprocket Communications

ParkNow rules, y'all.

Just purely amazing.

I drove with my family all around San Francisco and everywhere I went I could just show my barcode and instantly charged it to my Credit Card. Deffinitly recommend getting this application, this it the start of a new era of parking.

Driving momma

Love this app. Saves me so much time. Don't have to worry about my parking karma.

Love it!

What a great app! Just love it!

Great app!

Really helpful app! Can't believe how long I've lived without this. Helps me maneuver San Francisco with ease.

Urban driver

Amazing app - best ever!!

Works great for me!

This app always helps me find parking, I think it is a great idea!

Excellent Service

Fabulous app - especially withe BART strike in SF this week - For less money than most spaces, I had a guaranteed parking space waiting for me.

Great find, savvy parking tool

It's fairly new and so far in SF, so patience with locations is needed but get familiar with it where it works for you and it'll be an amazing tool for finding your city parking needs! It's the best tool to not only make sure you know what's available but the BIG difference here, they work with the garages to get you deals and/or amenities. Yep, parking gone tech and savvy! Might as well be a trendsetter & make your parking life easier.

Horrible customer service

First and final time using this service. Charged me for my booking $105 and no barcode showed for the garage on app or web. For 5 days, they could not refund until now and had to pay the garage directly.

Rude Customer Support

Great idea poorly executed. Prices are double from going directly to parking provider. Customer service long wait times and unable to help. Find another app/company to expedite your travel plans.

It was simple

I was able to use the website, find my parking place, paid online and my spot was waiting for me as I arrived to my area of choice. It really beats driving more than 20 minutes around the city looking for parking. Yeah, it was worth using this service!

Waste money

Paid and arrived to the garage but can't get in. Garage people know nothing about this. They have no scanner for the bar code. They don't let me in. Simply wasted me $20 and wasted time to argue with garage people.

Overcharging and buggy system

Did not honor promo garage prices advertised in their own app. Subsequently charged full price for parking. Buggy system which does not register you left the garage leading to multiple overtime fees! Do not use.


After extensive use, I've found ParkNow to be easy and enjoyable to use. It makes parking so much simpler, and even saves you money from time to time. Use it!

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